About me

My name is Erika Alatalo and I’m a Finnish graduate of architecture and civil engineering who loves to travel. Travel means different things to different people, but to me traveling is a way to learn about and connect with the rest of the world – a type of field study.

My master’s studies focused on sustainable development, and this changed not only how I view the world but how I view traveling. I graduated on June 1st, 2016 and on the same day I became a nomad and left to go traveling for an unspecified period of time. As I travel, I search for inspiring projects and ways to share my skills through volunteering – trying to convince myself there is still some hope left for this messed up world. I’m currently on my way to Gambia, where I will spend ten months leading a workshop to design and build an earthen school building.

About Field Study of the World

Field Study of the World is a blog I created in order to share and document observations I’ve made about the built environment and issues of sustainability while traveling the world. I started by documenting some of my previous travels in Asia, Africa and Europe, but now the blog follows my journey through the Americas.

Through this blog I hope to inspire and inform other architects, engineers, travelers and anybody interested in sustainability. Basically, I write about buildings, techniques, projects, people, communities or systems that I feel can inspire a more sustainable and resilient world. The blog is based on my travels, and some posts deal with well-visited touristic sights, but the perspective is different than in most travel blogs. Here are some of my main topics:

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You can read more about me and how this blog came to be in my first post.